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How to Find an Internship in 5 Steps

College students have heard a million times how important internships are for career development, and how wise it is to start looking for internships in college rather than to wait until after graduation. This is repeated so often because its good advice often, the best way to get acquainted with, and get a head start in, a career field is to see it first-hand. Finding an internship opportunity, however, can be difficult, as theyre not often well advertised. Here are are a few tips you can use to help you find the internship of your dreams: 1) Decide what you want to learn. Are you looking for exposure to a particular field? Are you looking to gain certain  skills? Choose a priority and let that guide your search. This is important because youll probably encounter plenty of internship opportunities that you arent interested in. Dont be tempted to take on uninteresting internships just for he sake of completing an internship; poorly chosen internships can turn out to simply be a waste of both your time and your host organizations time. 2) Find out about internships in your field of interest. Talk to  university advisers, friends or classmates (or do research on your own) to get some information about whether organizations in your field of interest offer internships, what kinds of internships exist, and what qualifications you might need to be eligible  for them. 3) Get help from your school. Ask the career center at your university, which may have alumni networks, job placement programs, information about internship fairs, and other resources that can aid you in your search. 4) Check with local companies or organizations. Are there any specific organizations youve considered pursuing a career with? Check their websites to see if they offer internship opportunities. Even if they dont, its worth giving them a call or paying their office a visit to ask, as many internship opportunities arent posted online. 5) Utilize your personal network. Do you know anyone in your field of interest? Ask them if they know of any open internship opportunities you might be eligible for. If so, see if you can get application information or an introduction to the internship coordinator. If not, see if your contact might know anyone else in the field who might know of potential open internship opportunities. Dont be disappointed if you cant immediately obtain an internship position with a large or well-known organization. Internships in large or famous organizations are not necessarily more interesting, more enriching, or more respectable than other internships. Choose your internship based on whether you think you can learn or gain something worthwhile from it. Do you still need to help with your  college applications? We can help! Visit our  College Admissions  website and fill out our  FREE Profile Evaluation for personalized feedback on your unique background!  And as always, be sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and  Twitter! Courtney Tran is a student at UC Berkeley, studying Political Economy and Rhetoric. In high school, she was named a National Merit Finalist and National AP Scholar, and she represented her district two years in a row in Public Forum Debate at the National Forensics League National Tournament.

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Eat Less Meat - 863 Words

Speech Title: Eat Less Meat! General Purpose: Persuasive Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to eat less meat. Thesis Statement: Eating meat is becoming an increasing demand and issue in society, it can be solve with the help of all of us. I. Meat is a symbol of affluence, and it becomes an addiction and a habit, says Henry Spira, coordinator of Animal Rights International† The average meat eater is responsible for the deaths of some 2,400 animals during his or her lifetime. (E Magazine.) A. In late 1992, Lauren Beth ate a fast-food cheeseburger laced with E. coli. She was attacked by hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a wasting disease that invades nearly every organ in the body and destroys the bloods ability†¦show more content†¦One percent of the public, or between two and three million, is vegetarian (eats no meat or fish, but may eat dairy and/or eggs), with a third to half of them living on a vegan diet (eschewing all animal products). Roughly five percent in both studies never eat red meat. (Jim Motavalli) III. Conclusion: A. Call to Action: Its not always easy to do--most environmentalists still eat meat--but the tide is beginning to turn. 1. CONTACT: International Vegetarian Union, (202)362-VEGY, Gives information on the vegetables that you can substitute for meat. (Motavalli) 2. CONTACT: For a free copy of PETAs Vegetarian Starter Kit, visit 3. CONTACT: Center for a Livable Future (410)223-1608 B. Cutting back on our meat intake is on step to help benefit our health, environment, and the animals. 1. If you eat a couple of meals less of meat each week, youre doing, yourself and the planet, youre doing all of us a favor. – Rene Montagne Works Cited De Fraga, Carole. â€Å"Eat Less Meat -- It’s Costing the Earth.† Animals Today 2 Nov. 2004: 17-18. EBSCO Host. Web. 27 Sept. 2012. Montagne, Renee. â€Å"Letters: Eating Meat forShow MoreRelatedFood And Diet Essay790 Words   |  4 PagesDiet â€Å"Let food be thy medicine.† - Hippocrates. Everything that people eat affects them in a certain way. The American diet has seen some insane changes over time and has caused more issues now than it has ever done before. There has been many studies that show that people’s diets have connections with diseases and people should know about this. There are many claims that say that the things the majority of the people eat are related to the diseases they get. In the video, What the Health, itRead MoreEssay on It is Better to be a Vegetarian1113 Words   |  5 Pagesissue of eating meat has been a great concern to all types of people all over the world. In many different societies controversy has began to arise over the morality of eating meat from animals. A lot of the reasons for not eating meat have to deal with religious affiliations, personal health, animal rights, and concern about the environment. Vegetarians have a greater way of expressing meats negative effects on the human body whereas meat eaters have close to no evidence of meat eating being a positiveRead MoreVegetarianism: Fighting the Addiction to Meat Essay835 Words   |  4 Pagespopulation continue to overlook is the addiction to meat. Many people love meat and eat it every day! The thought of not eating meat is absolutely devastating to them; they canà ¢â‚¬â„¢t imagine living like that! But by reducing your intake of meat, you are not only benefiting yourself, you are benefiting your environment! There are a variety of vegetarians. Vegans are â€Å"pure† vegetarian; they don’t eat anything that has been derived from animals (meat, poultry, fish, dairy, etc.). Some vegans don’t wearRead MoreVegetarian Is The New Prius Essay1153 Words   |  5 PagesBrought up in the southern of China, I often heard about that people from there â€Å"eat anything with four limbs except tables, anything that flies except aero planes, and anything that swims except ships†. Nevertheless, I eat more fruit, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains but less meat to make careful choices for environmental protection. Similarly, Kathy Freston argues that animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to global warming. In her Huffington Post selection â€Å"Vegetarian Is the NewRead MoreEssay about Why The Vegetarian Diet Is Best508 Words   |  3 Pagesvegetarian or meat diet better? A decade ago and earlier, the impression was that a vegetarian diet was lacking in the nutrients found in meat products. Today though, through research and nutritional science, it has been proven that all the nutrients found in meat can also be found in the correct vegetarian diet. Some may argue that by only consuming meat that is low in fat, meat and vegetarian diets have identical benefits. This is true only if one eats only very low fat meat. The lack of meat is notRead MoreEssay on Behind Meat and Meat Factories1404 Words   |  6 Pages Background/History Meat has been in our diet since the start of mankind. We eat meat everyday mindlessly. It is hard to avoid meat since it is everywhere we go. Meat is the majority of today’s food. There are very few vegetarian or vegan options in the food industry. Although, it has been growing more and more popular since it has become a lifestyle. The reason is to be the horrifying truth of today’s meat industry. For those who cannot bear the truth, pick up the vegetarian or vegan lifestyleRead MoreMeat Production And Consumption And The Effect It Has On The Environment1149 Words   |  5 PagesEMMA WHITE ASSESSMENT TYPE 1: SKILLS APPLICATION ISSUE: Meat Production/ Consumption and the effect it has on the environment. In this report I will discuss meat consumption and production in Australia. Australia consumes 111.5kg of meat per capita per year, and is one of the top consumers in the world. Meat consumption has an effect on the population due to its high concentration of saturated fat. Meat consumption pushes for more meat production, which affects the environment. Dairy farming producesRead MoreSpecial Diets Assessment Task : Special Dietary Foods1193 Words   |  5 Pagesproducts produce the most severe reactions that most likely persist for life. Special diets must fulfill their requirements. Having a special diet requirement must be strictly followed because the body’s immune system will react to what you must not eat. Especially for young infants, they should be looked after and be under parental supervision. Parents should make sure that staff and outside takers are aware of the children s’ individual need, so that the children’s choices, beliefs and safety areRead Mo reThe Best Decision Anyone Can Make1426 Words   |  6 Pagesof food are vegetarianism or a high protein diet. Carnivores eat meat, while vegetarians substitute that protein for something better. Many tests comparing the two has proven that being vegetarian not only affects the body in a positive way, but is also good for the mind. Overall vegetarianism is a more beneficial way to stay healthy, have less risks of diseases, and help save resources here on Earth because of the harmful toxins from meat production. Choosing to be vegetarian is a better way to stayRead MoreIs It Unethical And Eat Meat?1048 Words   |  5 PagesIs it unethical to eat meat? Essential Writing Skills Is it unethical to eat meat? With many different opinions on the matter, all views need to be considered when discussing and attempting to answer the question. Policies are put in place by institutions (Religious and governmental) that tell us what to eat, what not to eat and how much to eat. All these guidelines raises the question of whose ethics should hold president overall, and what factors do you use to determine this decision. Humankind

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Comparison Report of GDP for China and Australian Economic Growth

Question: Discuss about theChina and Australian Economic Growth for Comparison of GDP. Answer: Introduction GDP is a standard measure used in comparing the performance between economies. A country is said to be performing better than the other if its GDP level is higher than that of the other. The paper will compare Australian and China GDP and identify the best performing economy. Both Australian and China are major economies (Luke.Metcalfe, 2014). China is a planned economy whereas Australia is a mixed economy. The Australian GDP has been falling currently whereas that of China has been improving. This paper will show the comparison of their performance and will highlight some of the most important factor in the fall and the improvement respectively. In terms of nominal GDP, the economy of China is larger than Australia. Fig (a): Australian GDP for the Past Five years Fig (b): China GDP for the Past Five years Fig (c): Australian and China GDP for the Past Five years Fig (a) shows that the GDP of Australia has a falling trend for the five years whereas Fig (b) indicates that the China GDP has a rising trend. Fig (c) reveals that before the year 2013 Australian GDP was always way above the China GDP. The Australian GDP was constantly rising until it reached its climax in 2013. After 2013, the Australian economy began performing poorly; its GDP constantly fell until to the current period. Ye (2013), pointed out that it would take half a century for Australia to achieve the same level of GDP as China. Though the China economy performed poorly as compared to China, its GDP has been rising year after year. In 2014, the China GDP was way above Australia. The comparison for the five years period shows that the greatest difference in GDP performance was experienced in 2015; during this period, China was at its climax level whereas the GDP of Australia was too low. Factors for Increased GDP Growth Rate in Australia and China In 2011, the Australian GDP growth rate was 2.3 %; this was a boost since mineral resources demand became very strong from the outside countries; China has had the highest demand for these resources. The other major importer of Australian resources is Asia (Cavusgil et al., 2014). The results of this was an increased price of commodity resources such as coal, iron ore, and aluminum. Further, the export market for Australian products has been enlarged after the signing of free trade agreements with South-East Asia countries; this stimulated the growth rate (, 2016). In contrast, the China economy grew at a fast rate compared to Australia. Initially, the Chinas growth was accelerated from its practice of open door policy where it encouraged foreign investment and created more jobs. The growth of Australia in the past was very attractive; the factors behind this growth are; low unemployment, the inflation rate has been contained, its public debt has been low and its financial system has been secure and stable. Due to the strong banking system, Australia was not much impacted by the 2009 global financial crisis. Its growth was high even after the crisis whereas other economies were struggling to attain some recovery (Glenville, 2014). The Australian natural resources are abundant and diverse thereby attracting more foreign investors. China is a large exporter, and, in 2010, it became the largest. The collectivized agriculture phasing out of was the beginning of its reforms, the gradual liberalization of prices resulted after the expansion. The other reforms that followed included fiscal decentralization, the creation of a banking system that is diversified, increased autonomy for state enterprises, the rapid growth of the private sector, development of stock mark ets, and the opening to foreign investment and trade (Luke.Metcalfe, 2014). China is able to take advantage of the advancement in technology to raise its economic growth s compared to Australia (Ye, 2013). Australia has not been into a recession for the past 25 years. This has been facilitated by its strong financial base, its system of government is effective, its legal system is well-functioning, and its an independent bureaucracy (, 2016). When the two economies are compared in terms of population size, China is larger. The living standards in China are also improved than in Australia (McTaggart, Findlay and Parkin, 2012 and, 2016). Conclusion There are many similarities which have impacted the GDP of both Australia and China. The two are major exports with excellent trade agreements. Both are open to foreign investors who raise the investment level thereby creating more employment opportunities. The effectiveness of the government determines the economic growth. A strong financial system is essential for an economy to have efficiency in production as it boosts the confidence of investors. The availability of resources and a ready market for them raises the level of foreign revenue. The recent increment in Australian unemployment is the reason for its falling GDP. References Cavusgil, S., Knight, G., Riesenberger, J., Rammal, H. and Rose, E. (2014). International business. Australia: Pearson. Grenville, S. (2014). The Australian economy: How does it compare? [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016]. (2016). Australia Economy: Population, GDP, Inflation, Business, Trade, FDI, Corruption. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016]. (2016). Compare Australia To China. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016]. Luke.Metcalfe, (2014). Australia vs China: Economy Facts and Stats. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016]. McTaggart, D., Findlay, C. and Parkin, M. (2012). Macroeconomics. Frenchs Forest, N.S.W.: Pearson Australia. (2016). The Similarities and Differences between Australia and China Economy | Year 11 HSC - Economics | Thinkswap. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Sep. 2016]. Ye, H. (2013). Chinese GDP and growth: What's in a number? - Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA). [Online] Economics Student Society of Australia (ESSA). Available at: [Accessed 25 Sep. 2016].

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To what extent can Lord and Lady Capulet be as good parents to Juliet Essay Example For Students

To what extent can Lord and Lady Capulet be as good parents to Juliet? Essay In the beginning of the play, each character played their own part as their own character. Juliet starts of in the play as the daughter who always follows whatever her parents say. Her parents have always loved her at the beginning and cared for her, but never knew what she wanted herself. Nurse however is like a mother figure to Juliet and knows what she wants, but also wants whats best for her. In Lord Capulets first appearance in the play, he says, my child is yet a stranger in the world, which is saying that his own daughter may be too young or too early to be bride for any man, which indicates he cares for Juliets safety, but also thinks she is still a child to him, not knowing for if Juliet loves someone or not. But he does show that he loves his daughter saying, The earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she, which shows she is his only hope and the one to show love for her. We will write a custom essay on To what extent can Lord and Lady Capulet be as good parents to Juliet? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now In Lady Capulets first appearance in the play, says to her, How stands your dispositions to be married, asking Juliet how she feels about getting married. Unlike Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet wants to know how Juliet feels about marriage instead of just thinking how she would feel like Lord Capulet has done, Lord Capulet only thinks that marriage would make her happy, without even asking her. Although Lady Capulet is asking her, she is also trying to persuade her in marriage by saying how honourable and happy it will make her and Paris together. When Juliet is asked if she shall like of Paris love, Juliet says, Ill look to like, if looking liking move, which shows that she does not want to immediately accept this marriage to a man she has not seen before, but cannot say no to her mother, even if she has not seen Paris yet. During the play, each character starts to change their place of character and emotion, like when Juliet falls in love with Romeo, she is concerned of what her parents would think if they ever find out, which shows why she does not want to tell them, the only one she does tell is Nurse, which shows she is the only one she can trust as she is the closest to a mother figure other than her real mother. We also see the first ruthless and powerful side of Lord Capulet when he is fair and open-minded enough to let Romeo attend the party. He is enjoying himself until Tybalt rushes to him to tell him about Romeo. Lord Capulet did not want anything to spoil his happiness, not even Tybalt, which got him angry with Tybalt by ordering him not to ruin anything at the party. When Tybalt dies in the story, the whole Capulet family changed their mood and were shocked and saddened to when they heard the news of Tybalt and Mercutios death. Lord and Lady Capulet felt even more angry and hatred on the Montague family and Juliet was not only upset for the death of her cousin, but upset when the Prince announced Romeo was banished. Lord Capulet knew how upset her daughter would have been about Tybalts death, so he decides that he wants to make Juliet happy by having her married to Paris. If his only hope and joy were happy, then maybe he himself would be happy. .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .postImageUrl , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:hover , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:visited , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:active { border:0!important; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:active , .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u0178951cb20c4d4666249e0a5807ad8e:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet?   EssayAll of the characters then change their place of character when Juliet took a surprise step into saying no to her mother for the first time. This shocked Lady Capulet as she was expecting her to follow and go along with the wedding. Not only was Lord Capulet shocked by this, but was furious that her daughter was not obeying what he set out himself just to make her happy, or what he thought would make her happy. After caring for her and giving all he could, he is upset in the way Juliet has said no and now wishes she was never born. Nurse was frightful of what would happen if Juliet did not go along with th e wedding after seeing how much power Lord Capulet has over her, she did not want her hurt at all, which is why she wants whats best or her. I think Lord and Lady Capulet could make better parents to Juliet. Although they love her, they need to know and understand what she wants instead of making what they think is good for her, Lady Capulet should come into Juliets life more than Nurse as she is her real mother. And Lord Capulet should ask what Juliet wants instead of making her do what he thinks is best in his power.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)In 1979, Dr. Norman Rosenthal moved from his home in South Africa to New York. Over a short period of time he found that the short days, compared with those in South Africa, were affecting his energy levels, and that these feelings would usually persist until spring. In 1984 at the National Institute for Mental Health, this one doctor's brush with seasonally induced depression began the study of what is commonly called winter blues, or more clinically, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).What is it and who gets it?Affecting approximately 5% of the US population SAD is a seasonally induced depressive disorder that manifests itself during the darker months of the year, typically between October and April, with symptoms often completely abating shortly thereafter. A person with SAD has problems responding to the seasonal changes in light. Though nearly anyone can potentially be affected, the prototypical SAD patient is a woman in her 20's or 30's living in a far northern climate experiencing feelings of anxiety and fatigue.seasonal affective disorderIn order to meet the clinical definition of suffering from SAD, a person must exhibit the symptoms through two consecutive winters. (Morano, 2003)Americans are more than twice as likely than European to have SAD. This can be the result of several factors, including cultural response biases, genetic differences, seasonality and climatic variations. (Lam, 2002) Women are also more than 4 times as likely as men to exhibit symptoms of SAD. (Hardy, 2004) Children of SAD sufferers are also likely to suffer from SAD, as this order is believed to be genetic, and hereditary.SAD definitely has a stronger prevalence as you move into northern climates, but studies have only shown this prevalence to be modest (Lam, 2002).SymptomsSAD tends to generate a 'hibernation-like response' (Morano,

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 100

Summary - Essay Example Through censoring hostile traditional ideology was stack to the past giving room for civilization and modernization. Addie Prater Graham birth is estimated to be before 1900 in eastern Kentucky Mountains. She grew up around music and at the end of it she herself was a master in singing. Addie’s songs recorded in 1970s by her grandson Rich Kirby and Barbara Edwards, reflect as far back as the British Isles alongside others created in America as ditties, frolic songs and religious songs in line with the vintage Baptist tradition. Despite it being against the Baptist tradition to use instruments she went on to learn from a big variety of musical instruments during her childhood. The result was she grew up to become an accomplished singer with a pro quality style ornamented with Kenturcky oral tradition (Kirby, 2011:pp1-12). Addie went on to be married to Amos Graham and was blessed with three children Kirby, (2011:6). She and her family lived in Breathitt County before finally moving to Cynthiana Harrison County. In Cynthiana she ran a clothing store together with her daughter before finally resting in 1977. The recording of her first album been a long time traveling by the Appal Record Labe was the bed her recognition this is though she had been singing for very many years. Her songs have gone ahead to be recorded by others like Ginny Hawker, Mike Seeger among others

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Paraphrase Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Paraphrase - Essay Example The book contains case studies explaining experiences of people who executed strategies from previous editions. Jacobson (64) illustrates development of AdWords mechanisms, human-machine relationships along with verified strategies regarding ad group interface, split testing and opt in landing page technologies. Latest edition overviews modern technologies that might be combined to guarantee AdWords success. Like, modified third-party tools and thorough analysis of free tool for examining and augmenting web links from Google. The readers acknowledges the significance of Website Optimizer and AdWords prize on card valued $25. This is an interesting technique to advertise a product/ brand and earn after the struggle. It provides essential knowledge for online marketing and boosts the abilities of shareholders for steering this digital marketing tool. Users can create business ads adjacent to search results. It curtails advertising expenses as products information is effortlessly retrieved. As per Jacobson, Optimizer tool teaches parties to run a landing page linked with technology, order forms, assisting them to boost revenues although they will be hidden from other websites. Jacobson illustrates beneficial cost-effective economic plans through conversion tracking to curtail costs. Google made online marketing atmosphere user-friendly to boost efficiency. It has executed a policy to stop showing URL; this step of limited interface was taken after instances when users were deceived and became victims of AdWords advertisers, which makes the online ad tool complex. Conversely, this user-friendly, technological and cost cutting type of advertising has some advantages and disadvantages. Drawbacks are imperative as they lead to constraints which equivocates damage claims from firms who think their trademarks are trespassed. The anticipated costs associated with such claims against Google might